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Bedtime Reading

Here's a list of some of my favourite business management-related books, discovered over the years. But not just a list- an overview of the content, and what makes them great. Includes details on where you can get them (if you ask really nicely I may even lend you my copies!)


6Hats.pngSix Thinking Hats

Edward de Bono's problem-solving and decision-making techniques are great for small businesses- use   this on your own when confronted by big decisions, or involve your management team. But it's not a party  game- used well, it's a real asset. Read how.


healthcheck.jpgHow's it Going?

No, how's it really going?  Maybe once in a while you'd learn something about yourself and your business by reflecting on your effectiveness as a business leader. This is a five-minute online questionnaire that should give you food for thought; I hope it will prompt you to be challenging and inquisitive about performance and development. Free Feedback Report delivered by email in two days. Grab a coffee, sit comfortably and you can complete the questionnaire before your cup's empty!


Where's the Time Gone?

I sometimes go through phases where I simply lose control of time and end up working my butt off unnecessarily- do you?

Why does this happen? Why don't we properly plan and prioritise our time, all the time? Read these tips, try one or two and see if you improve your effectiveness- then come back for more if you have time!

blog.jpgTell It The Way It Is!

Take a look at my blog and feel free to join in and let off steam! This is random, topical stuff that I simply have to get out of my system. Sometimes about nonsense we hear in the press, sometimes good news about funding, sometimes interesting titbits about what my clients are up to. You can join in too and leave your comments- agree or argue...Nothing obscene please, but do have your say